3D Virtual Exhibit-BCD

Virtual Exhibit Design & 3D Printing

What is BCD Virtual Exhibit?

First Virtual Exhibition around 3D printing organised by BCD and coordinated by 3DTOPIA Hub; for showing to all online audience how additive manufacturing responds to the most imperative needs of society, and its potential to be applied in all sectors.


The multiplatform online meeting place to discover how  designing and advanced manufacturing trends accelerate innovation at an online virtual exhibition show, from 23rd to 26th November


Presentation of projects within  an immersive digital platform, allows attaching 3D volumetric files and publishing demonstrations of the possibilities of your services and / or projects.

Round tables and presentations on current issues around additive manufacturing, success stories, experiences within the sector, according to an established agenda, reaching a wide audience, with the possibility of interaction via chat with them.

Conduct knowledge sessions, providing participants with experiences to publicize the business and/ or value proposition. Amplify your company presentation and share valuable content about your activity and services.

Functional presentation of projects in an interactive way through a virtual exhibition space with booths. Networking opportunities to connect with your audience and synergies between the participating companies of product development services and 3D printing market.

Monitoring and segmentation of the interaction of each visitor in the environment of the exhibition: participation and impact data. Feedback on the experience during the exhibition.

Creation of emotion touchpoints to facilitate navigation and the visitor's permanence during their visit.

from 23rd to 26th Nov 2020 | Online Visit Tour