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Welcome to your 3Dprinting Space

The 3DTopia Hub has been established to grow and develop Additive Manufacturing capabilities to all types of companies and markets. The 3Dtopia Hub will be the first port of call for any company in Spain looking to explore the potential of additive manufacturing, or further expand their use of the technology.

Who We Are

3D printing and Innovation professionals specialists that enable consultancy service is here for any business looking to implement 3D printing into their company or/and project. With our experience, we helped for making the right decisions  and to assist companies with adopting additive manufacturing into their current processes efficiently.

Our Mission

To provide an industry-driven collaborative network for Additive Manufacturing users, suppliers, companies &  stakeholders that will foster, mentor, and grow additive manufacturing technology adoption in different markets seeking innovation and sustainability.

What We Do

Consulting and Business Accompaniment, identifying proper AM solution, Market Analysis, and 3D ideally application, materials, and technologies for individual projects. Integration and Operation process development to adopt A: including Planning, Benchmarking, Implementation, and customized services.

Our History

More than 10 years of experience in the 3D printing sector, integrating new manufacturing technology, and promoting new ways of designing for manufacturers and professionals. Our experience backs us up, in multisectoral success stories integrating more efficient and innovative ways of working, the last few years, we've been developing international service programs towards 3D printing in a multinational company.

Our "NITE" Process


Enable a collaborative network creation for Additive Manufacturing users, suppliers, manufacturers &  stakeholders.


Provide  cross sectorial benefits of AM adoption as a kilometer zero manufacturing, reducing time-to market, customization and flexibility.


Offering as space “One-Stop” to assess, guide, and address need an assessment in AM/3DP.


Mentor and grow additive manufacturing technology adoption in different markets seeking innovation and sustainability.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach to working with our clients provides significant benefits:

  • Understanding our clients

    We are specialists in the 3Dprinting sector and have extensive knowledge and experience of what is realistic and practical in different situations for the organizations we work with.

  • Tailored advice and support

    All of our advice and support is tailored specifically to you and your organization. Our approach is always structured and efficient. At every stage, it will be clear to you how we are helping you meet your objectives.

  • Supplier-independence

    We are totally independent from any supplier. We do not receive commissions from any source, and only provide unbiased, independent and objective advice that is in the best interests of our clients.

  • Communication

    We keep our clients informed of progress and plans so they know exactly where, when and how their requirements are being met.


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